What is it all about

It’s not about what’s wrong with the world or complaining about what I think the problems are but a simple story of pure enjoyment.
I will support our way of life and support the fight to maintain it. I will bring my children up to hopefully appreciate the beauty and enjoyment of the countryside and why we do what we do.
Much like the Facebook vs Instagram argument that I have from time to time – Facebook consistantly shows a negative world (which is why I deleted it) where as Instagram shows the world in it’s element – Happiness
I want to enthuse, inspire and hopefully encourage others to focus on the best parts of what we do – live in the moment / forget the negatives


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A New Generation

Todays world is full of negativity and people saying what’s wrong with the world. I want to make it my job to make sure that my children look to enjoy what we teach them and block it out.

Teach them to live and breath the countryside and all it has to offer.

A tough job in the world we’re surrounded by but one that I will focus on and try my hardest to achieve.

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