Parking cost me £70 in wine

Hey Rose time came a wee bit early given it’s only February and Rose time is generally a summer tipple.

Sadly this story isn’t one of those in which I had a really good looking parking attendant and we went for a glass or twelve of wine. Not quite that exciting.

I came across this tipple on a trip to Ripon recently. The parking is so bad in Ripon that I usually get bored of driving round in circles and head home. However, this time parking ended up costing me £70 as I got so angry that I stopped in at Majestic Wine, which is just down the high street from where I wanted to be.

Not wanting to rude, Archie and I thought we’d best go and buy mum some booze. I always get confused in Majestic Wine so wondered round for a while as per the norm until the manager offered me help, thank god.

We raced round the options and purchased a nice case of French Chardonnay and of course at the checkout was Hey Rose at £6 reduced from £12. It wasn’t the price more so the label that got me and thankfully it was very tasty.

All I can say is thank god for wine as without it I would have driven out of Ripon for the third time without actually doing what I needed to do.

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