While Mums at work #daddydaycare

I guess every mum and dad that works 5 days a week waits for the weekend for a bit of R&R or time to take a minute and breathe…….Mums are heroes and especially my wife who works long hours 4 days a week as a Veterinary Director and has to take the wee man to child care when I am away, which is sadly a lot! Never a dull moment.

Today is a great day. It’s the start of the six nations rugby and the wife is at work so it’s full on daddy day care time. I fully appreciate how little you can get done during the day when you’re looking after a little shape shifter who can disappear in the blink of an eye so hats off to all mums that do this for months on end.

Mums, I think, are far better at this than men as we are so unprepared for it that we don’t really think about things in advance or at least I don’t. Cartoon in the morning, seriously messy breakfast followed by some time in the cage of solitude…..

Cage of Solitude

Archie actually loves this and plays happily by himself which is amazing!!

This is only for a short while because realistically I just want to play with him and teach him all the bad things that his mother won’t!

Of course the wife is far more intelligent than I am so will no doubt find out what I have been up to when his first word is something other than mummy.

Right now the wee man is asleep and giving me the chance to write, hoover, clean, cook, hoover, clean, and finally when I’m finished a nice cup of tea which will no doubt be boiled just as he wakes up.

Daddy day care is amazing but let’s be honest I’m as useless as the next guy and panic as soon as I have to think about what he needs or what he wants to eat.

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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