Bike, Car, Tree – 2 Minutes on Ile De Re

It might be a tad embarrassing to admit, however, I’ve only been to France once. A brief road trip with work through France in my book doesn’t count and considering I travel around three to four thousand miles a month I should really have been a lot more!

With a wedding invite came an opportunity to drive through France and see some of the sites to which the wife was very excited. Having done a wee bit of research a few nights on Ile de Re were booked and we quickly started looking up “top things to do”. The wife was keen to cycle round the whole Island or at least some it to which I was less enthusiastic but keen to mostly see how many bars I could stop in or how many races I could win.

IMG_0005Ile de Re is beautiful and well worth a visit. Exquisite food, drink, friendly locals and quaint streets are only a few of the things that seemed standard on the island. Certainly somewhere that I will be going again.

So. Bike, car, tree

Beautiful weather and an urge to sample local culture behind the handle bars of a rented bike.

Setting off with helmet firmly attached we got to grips with the hard task of riding a bike which to normal people should be absolutely no problem. Two minutes in and avoiding a small crack in the pavement, I thought to myself, one could fall off there and then “whack!” down goes the wife. Before wetting myself with laughter I checked she was ok only to discover that she had, in fact, put a  rather large hole in her knee.

After depositing the wife at the local tourist office to get details for a Doctor I went back to see the bike rental shop. Looking a bit perplexed at the two minute bike ride, I outlined our brief adventure to which he took the bikes back with no charge. What a nice chap!

A quick trip to the pharmacy, a clean up and we were off to the Doc’s. Adding to the damage of the wife’s knee I needed to move the car and reversed straight into a tree ignoring those loud beeping thingy’s that come with most cars these days……. idiot! All in all a brief yet exciting activity with a semi conscious wife.

Note to self when you decide to try something that seems like an easy thing to do – “apparently you can forget to ride a bike!”


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