The Fisherman’s Wife – Mrs Management

IMG_3894The fisherman’s wife is often driven to enraged outcries of anger when it comes to the husband’s unhealthy obsession with fishing. We’ve all been there and of course we have all taken a verbal beating from the Mrs when mentioning or even suggesting a fishing trip.

Unless your other half is as obsessed as you are there is a definite need for Mrs Management. I’m not saying that my beautiful and more than understanding wife ever stops me from going fishing but of course as a father and husband time is expected to be prioritised.

I love and miss them both a lot when I’m away with work however the man’s brain is not good at functioning the way women would like at the best of time and on occasion we blurt out things like “I might go fishing at the weekend…”

God forbid you do something that stupid when you’ve basically been away for the past four weeks and sadly, this does happen, and I have been this stupid.

So. I have decided that the only way to get round this is… Mrs Management.

“Honey, you really should go on that weekend walking with my sisters and I’ll look after the wee man!” “You deserve it!”

Of course she’s far too intelligent and knows exactly what I’m up to but that doesn’t take away the fact that I’ve just given up my weekend for her, or so they think!! “So what are you going to do that weekend?” Soft play, wild gardens, museum, zoo, swimming? “Not sure to be honest hun, but I’ll try and fit a few in.”

FH7R4142Fishermen should thank God for Baby Bjorn. I’m not saying go and wade through the Severn or the Tay but if your fishing is easy and no real wading is necessary then nothing is stopping you from going for two days while the wife is away. Absolute winner!

Not only have you spent one on one time with your son or daughter teaching them what you love, but you’ve got in an extra two days fishing! Two days while she’s away and another two days in repayment for that weekend.

Again, the wife is far to intelligent and knows exactly what I am doing but it’s pretty much foolproof.

I would rather both my wife and son came fishing with me but I understand that sometimes it’s just not appealing, when it’s February, snowing and minus 2.

Mrs Management, it can work.

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