Loop Tackle – Incredibly Proud to be Associated

As a boy basically born on the river bank or any fish-filled watering hole, this is a dream and an unbelievable privilege.

Hasn’t tackle changed over the years, and how fortunate are we that great fishers around the world are producing kit that makes fishing so much easier and most of all, make kit that help us catch fish.

Loop is one of those!

Of course, it’s not all down to the kit but don’t you just feel, well, more fishy and happy with kit that you know has been designed by great people that understand what we want. I certainly do and I know that when I’m happy, I catch fish.

The guys at Loop are incredibly generous, kind and full of frantic fishy enthusiasm that is utterly infectious. I, for one, have spent hours watching endless films of Loop enthusiasts not only catching fish but showing that fishing is more than just catching fish, it’s a way of life.

This life, or Loop Life, is obtainable for everyone and not just far-fetched dreams for us mere mortals.

The Loop Life is one of adventure, friends and amazing experiences that I recommend you start living – Get on it here looptackle.com / Loopaktiv / Loop Tackle Instagram

If you need advice or support just get in touch on charlie@countrydad.co.uk

A bucket list from Loop & Black Fly Eyes



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