Workingline Images – Proud to be Associated

​My family are lucky enough to live in Yorkshire, not far from Caro and Andrew. It’s been a great pleasure getting to know them and they have both been incredibly kind and generous to us over the past few years.

Be careful though, as Caro is so kind and such a good photographer that you may end up getting more than you bargained for! Laura, my wife, went for a photography lesson with Caro. We had previously joked that she’ll come back wanting to buy a new camera which would have been okay but oh no, it got much much worse…

That one lesson cost me a new camera, new lens, new iMac and a new puppy!!

Caro takes the most stunning photographs as you can see on her website and facebook page and I would highly recommend using her if you would like lessons or photographs of your furry children.

6a9bde_eefd7042d0b444eab2ce3f5c94e6475b~mv2As a fieldsports and rural life photographer Caro is lucky enough to get to do what she love on a daily basis. Whether it’s grouse moors in late summer, pheasant shoots and field trials during the winter months, training days and even the odd wedding during the summer.

She is available for individual commissions, shoot day photography, field trials and dog training events. Also on  offer “Hayloft Sessions” set in our beautiful old barn, these are individual portrait sessions tailored to your needs.

To find out more about Workingline Images please go to the facebook page Workingline Images Facebook

When Caro’s not carrying a camera she can be found out training a labrador, a cocker or a springer spaniel.


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