Man’s Best Friend – What’s life without them

Man’s Best Friend

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without our four legged friends causing absolute havoc. For me, it’s no life at all!

My family was, and is, a haven for spaniels with the odd Cairn Terrier thrown in for good measure. It was the stereotypical country home with spaniels everywhere. With that, came mountains of dog hair and dust, and that, given I was asthmatic and had hay fever, was just the ticket to get me into hospital on a regular basis!

Our dogs went everywhere with us much to the annoyance of various hosts. However, we never let them into anyone’s house unless previously authorised to do so. Something I think some people forget is that not everyone is a dog person and not all homes are suitable for dogs! Unbelievable I know, but it’s just the way it is and not surprising that some don’t like a fleet of spaniels running riot in your clean home.


Christmas time was always entertaining with a mass of chocolate under the tree. Yes…, it is a stupid place to leave chocolate, as nothing will stop the hounds from tearing the wrapping to pieces and eating it all – “Hun, get the car! we’re going to the vets again.”

It must be so frustrating for vets having people continuously bringing in animals that have eaten chocolate. Everyone knows, but we still all manage to forget at Christmas and Easter.

As dog owners, we should all be fully prepared to clean up after our hounds. This is one thing that I have always hated and makes me gag almost every time however, regardless of my intolerance for dog faeces I do make a concerted effort to pick it up. It’s amazing how people in public places just let their dog do its thing and walk on by leaving it for someone or even a child to step in. Just pick it up!!

uig2017 (561 of 1003)

Reminds of an incident which occurred on holiday last year on the Isle of Lewis.

One house, 12 people and 15 dogs…

The fishing was a bit tough so I thought an early morning wake up might increases my chances.


Before getting changed I crept down stairs to let the dogs out only to walk into the “dog room” (in bare feet) and feel a warm sludge oozing between my toes. “You have to be f****** kidding me!” was the first thing that went through my mind and then a silent disco style scream. Yes, it was dog s***, an absolute room full of it and some very quiet dogs. It was not their fault but one of the most disgusting things that has happened to me. One and a half hours later and the room was bleached and cleaned.

Yet still, we love them.







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