3 Acres, Yorkshire – There are pubs and then the 3 Acres

Living in Yorkshire we are lucky enough to have some great pubs on our doorstep. To be fair we have a lot of good pubs but there is always one that you can’t stop going to because it’s just that good.

The 3 Acres is one of those – 3acres.com

The pub is located just down a hill from the Arqive Tower or locally named, Emley Moor Mast. This is a great Yorkshire landmark that started transmitting in 1971. It is currently the 24th tallest tower in the world and the 4th tallest tower in Europe which sits high above some beautiful Yorkshire landscape.


On a clear night it’s a stunning drive with street lights lighting up the surrounding valleys. As you wind your way down the hill, there she is, the Acres. Beautifully lit up with a calming glow that draws you into the car park. When you park up just go to the outer wall and have a look. Amazing, and something I do every time.

A newly built entrance welcomes you into reception where you’ll be met by the nicest staff I have ever come across.

Walking into the pub you have an open service area on your right so you can see the amazing food and a wonderfully lit restaurant. It is such a calming place to be and full of history on the walls and plenty of fishing memorabilia, which for me, is great!

Of course the bar is full of the finest and nicest drink imaginable which makes it far too exciting to choose. The excitement for me however is the moment you get taken to your table. Having eaten here a few times ( a lot ) I know what’s coming…

The menu is wonderful. Each dish sounds incredible and every dish I have eaten tastes incredible. I drive myself crazy, as every time I try to order something different, I end up ordering the same. Scallops followed by Steak. It’s safe to say that since eating the steak here I’ve stopped ordering steak anywhere else as quite simply no-one does it better.

I’m not really sure how to describe the atmosphere but it’s such a relaxing place to be and one that I haven’t come across in my eating career.

Everything about this place, for me, is perfect. I would strongly recommend booking and getting to the Acres for a meal, it will be amazing.

I can’t wait to get back! 3acres.com

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