River Ure Salmon Trust – Support The Revival of Yorkshire Salmon

It is with great pleasure that I can announce Country Dad’s support for the River Ure Salmon Trust. 

Please show your support by joining the River Ure Salmon Trust and bringing this stunning river back to life – RUST Membership

For more information on tackle and fishing the Ure please contact me via E-mail Me

The Ure Salmon Group (USG) has been established to help increase the quantity of Migratory Fish (principally Salmon, Sea Trout and Lamprey) in the River Ure system.

USG is supported by all the principal riparian owners and is working in partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust


I have been lucky enough to grow up in Scotland fishing many if not most of the Scottish salmon systems. Until recent years fishing for Salmon & Sea Trout in England was really a mythical practice to me and something that never really crossed my mind. Of course I knew of fishing in Wales and the Deep South and was lucky enough to even catch a salmon on the River Lyd which is part of the Tamar System.

There is of course plenty of fishing and a lot more than we fishers realise.


It wasn’t until I married my lovely Yorkshire lass, moved to God’s own County and was forced, due to time constraints (babies), to fish locally. Thank god for Yorkshire and the fine team of volunteers supporting this great cause.

The restoration of Atlantic Salmon to the River Ure will have major benefts to local businesses including hotels and restaurants. Rural employment will also be boosted as the fishery develops as was seen after the recovery of the River Tyne in recent decades. The Ure has the potential, like the River Tyne, to become one of the most productive salmon rivers in England. This will bring huge resources into the rural economy of Wensleydale. Our proposal to accelerate the improvement in Salmon stocks is to undertake extensive habitat improvement work in the main river and important tributaries including Bishopdale Beck and the River Cover.  We have spent over £50,000 on habitat work in Bishopdale over the last three years alone. We are also undertaking a smolt (young salmon ready to migrate to the sea) release programme on the River Burn near Masham to mitigate for the removal of spawning and nursery areas lost through the creation of Roundhill and Leighton Reservoirs. All fish are released from a Semi-Natural Rearing Pond that was specially constructed for the purpose. These young fish have to work harder finding the natural food that is present in the spring fed pool. These fish are much tougher than fish reared exclusively in hatchery tanks and therefore stand a better chance of survival. Making sure migratory fish can reach their spawning and nursery areas is also crucial to the success of the project. We are currently seeking funding to build two large fish passes on the main river Ure and Ouse and a number of smaller passes and easements on some of the tributaries. A Baulk Fish Pass was completed on the River Burn at Swinton last year and we hope many more fish can now move upstream into Colsterdale. Preliminary results have been very encouraging and brown trout were seen successfully ascending the pass shortly after it was completed late last autumn. We aim to use science as much as possible to inform the decisions we make and are fully engaged with the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) currently being championed by DEFRA and the Environment Agency.

Living locally I can jump in the car and head over with not much notice which gives me an edge. Meaning, I can pick when to go pending the river conditions.

There are many beats to chose from and some stunning fly water that provides classic fly water. To keep you on your toes there are also a lot of trout of a cracking average size and even the odd absolute donkey. I was lucky enough to catch one of these at Swinton Estate weighing in at 12lbs! I’m pretty sure that it was an escaped fish but who cares as it scared the hell out of me!


To make a trip even more inviting the river holds a rather large average size of salmon and does often produce some very big fish on a yearly basis.

The best thing for me is the river remains wild and almost untouched with the exception of the odd track and fishing hut. Every beat is completely different and will remind of you of your favourite place in Scotland. It has it all and what we are trying to do is help this river get it’s runs back.

Since the Hatchery has started putting fish back into the system we are now seeing them come back, get caught, recorded and returned. It is working and all we need is your support to keep it growing.

Get in touch, fish & support this amazing Trust to help our children have something to fish for!


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