Wellies – How many is too many & when to wear what??


Having worked in the footwear industry for quite some time now, I’ve obviously collected a fair amount of wellies. Perhaps not the preferred choice of many as I am sure a set of trainers or Timberlands would probably float more boats, however, I live in wellies so good enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, if my work benefits had been Range Rovers or holidays abroad that would also have been great but I’m happy with a bucket load of wellies!

Of the hardships one may come across in life one that’s completely meaningless I encounter is, “which pair do I wear today?” A nice quandary to have maybe but still a pain none the less.


General Yorkshire walkies with the hounds and the wife on easy but slightly muddy tracks could be a number of boots. What do I think about?

  • How muddy?
  • How far are we walking?
  • What’s the surface like?
  • How cold is it?

What choices do I have?


This is way to confusing however an easier choice than one might think.

Muck Boot Wetland – Mud, wet, fields, farms, beating. This boot is my go to if I’m tackling thick mud and fields. Neoprene = warm, 100% waterproof and extremely comfortable.

Muck Boot Outpost – A very good all round boot that is extremely light weight with a god traction outsole for harder surfaces. A day like today where we went walking round a lake that had a hard surface but was muddy and wet. A great boot for general dog walking. Neoprene = warm, 100% waterproof and extremely comfortable.

Dunlop Islay – Although many of us don’t really know Dunlop fo anything except cheaper PVC wellingtons, they do have a few that are actually quite good. You won’t win a fashion show but these boots are very light & warm due to the Polyurethane material. The only problem with these boots is they are expensive for what they are. My wife who has access to any brand she wants and has Dubarry boots, always wears these!

My Hunters to be honest I only really wear if I go shooting. The new Hunter Balmoral Neoprene Full Zip are great,. These you can find for approx. £195 which is considerably cheaper that Le Chameau and Aigle with the same spec. I’m not saying these other brands are not good as they are but I like these. To be honest I haven’t worn the others so can’t comment, however, they see or boots in the UK than Hunter.

What I am alluding to is that perhaps think about what you want your boots to do for you and what conditions you’re asking them to withstand. Then and only then go and buy the right ones.

“Buy cheap, buy twice!”  – So true. Spend a bit more money and get some good wellies.

“Buy fashion for farming and they’ll fall apart!”



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