Sasta Clothing – Proud to be Associated. Gear for Savage Weather



Some of you may know Sasta and some of you may not. If you don’t know it, it’s time to get to know it – Sasta Clothing


This brand, in my view and experience, produces some of the finest technical outer wear in Europe. Using modern and natural technology this clothing is simply outstanding.

I have been wearing Sasta for the last ten years and I can safely say that it has never let me down. Like my previous wellington conundrum which stated I have far too many and choosing is difficult, this is similar with jackets. Sasta makes this easy as I know I’ll be warm, dry and won’t feel the slightest draft in the strongest of winds.


Packing is a nightmare, so when sorting kit for one of my many outings into the wilderness I have hard choices to make. A yearly outing into the mountains of Scotland where we sleep in a house heated only by oil lamps and a wood burner, my Sasta jacket was high on the list of jackets to take.

Imagine arriving at your holiday destination, stepping out of your car and walking straight into a lovely warm house. Yup, this isn’t one of those.

Step out of the car usually into high winds and a foul bitting rain that feels like it’s ripping your skin off. Adding to this an hour’s walk carrying the weekly clothes, booze, dog kit, sleeping bag, food etc You name it, we have to carry it. Crazy maybe but so worth it.


It’s never this sunny!

I’ve been over in winter when you’re soaked on arrival and the house is so damp that drying clothes isn’t possible unless you put them in the log burner… Thank god for my Sasta Jacket which has kept me alive so many times.

3polesjacket_col19_SASTAThe newest evolution of an extreme jacket has been designed for serious use and extreme conditions with Kari “Poppis” Suomela. Complete function and user comfort is guaranteed by highly durable and breathable 3-layer Gore-Tex® Pro Shell fabric.

Stormy hood creates wind block around your face. Front gusset gives room for the face when needed and creates its own microlimits together with stormy hood and fur. Small loops for safety if zipper breaks or freezes. YKK AquaGuard® water repellent zippers.


  • adjustable protective hoodSASTA_3polesjacket_RGB_jpg
  • mouldable peak
  • protective collar
  • inside of the collar fleece
  • water-repellent zips
  • ventilation openings
  • zip pockets
  • adjustable waist
  • adjustable hem
  • cuffs adjustable with velcro tape
  • reflective prints

Even at home when it’s snowing, straight on with the Sasta jacket.

My go-to jacket is ten years old. It doesn’t have a single fault, it’s still as weather proof as ever and I haven’t reproofed it or even cleaned it – Perfection!

This trip was at New Year, absolutely pissing it down with horizontal rain and very strong winds. This was a Sasta moment! It’s not just the jackets…


Technical hunting trousers made of Mossy Oak®´s  newest pattern, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country® .

These versatile pants have reinforcements on the knees and in the inside leg-ends. The pants also include a zippered back-pocket an side-pocket and the leg-ends are adjustable with Velcro tape.

  • elastic waist
  • belt loops
  • a spacious thigh pocket
  • back pocket
  • moulded knees
  • reinforced knees
  • leg ends adjustable with velcro tape
  • reinforced leg ends

These were amazing and kept me dry.

Don’t let your current clothing let you down. Get some Sasta in your life and you’ll never look back!! No matter what you’re doing in the great outdoors, Sasta has something for you.


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