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Our service and experience, your extraordinary adventure


Extraordinary Africa creates unique African adventures, hand crafted for each traveller by our friendly experienced team.  If you need to know the perfect spot for your sundowner, where to go if you just have to spot a leopard on your safari, and which beaches you can have all to yourself, just ask- we’ve been there.

Ask the Africa Experts

We just do luxury African holidays- we don’t dabble in South America or dip our toes into Asia. Africa’s where our heart is, and where our years of expertise lie. We don’t just know the safari camps (though we’ve seen hundreds), we know the game reserves, the people and the wildlife. This means we can help you plan some of the most inspiring, exciting and original holidays going.

We’ve planned the trips that got the girl to say yes, the one-off adventures that sparked a whole new career, and the family holidays that are so good you just can’t come home. Whatever it takes to make your own African adventure extraordinary let us know, and we’ll tailor it, just for you.

day 1 (73)portrait

Growing up all my holidays were fishing in Scotland. I’m not complaining at all as I loved every minute, but there is plenty more out there to do and see. What better opportunity to have that trip of a lifetime than our Honeymoon.

One of the many things we all panic about before our wedding is the honeymoon and how much it’s going to cost. Mostly due to the fact that you have just spent an unreal amount of money on a big party!


Safari! A dream experience for anyone and something that I am dying to do again.

There were so many questions running through my mind as well as the cost:

  • Lions
  • Tigers
  • Elephants
  • Rhinos
  • Crocodiles

“How do I go on Safari without being eaten??!!!”

Alex at Extraordinary Africa is amazing. She listened to all my worries and what it was we actually wanted before offering us some options that fit.

Be smart when looking into Safaris. They don’t have to cost the earth and yes, you can still have your dream holiday. That is what I was worried about, however, with Alex’s help we managed to have a two week holiday to Mauritius and South Africa.

What we were offered was absolutely amazing and perfect for what we wanted.

Week one at Notten’s Bush Camp, just outside Kruger National Park. As it was our first Safari, of course it was amazing, but it really was amazing! It began with a nice chauffeur driven drive into the reserve from the airport where we immediately saw a lot of the top species, and my God was it exciting!

The camp was beautifully laid out with incredibly nice staff, insanely good food and most importantly for me, it felt safe. Anything you needed was taken care of and in a camp where you socialise with others you could get away and have some privacy.


I’m not going to tell you everything now but will…soon

Following a week at Notten’s we flew back to stay in Jo’burg before heading to Lux Belle Mare on the Island of Mauritius.

This hotel was simply stunning. It had everything we could have wanted and we absolutely loved every minute we spent here with the exception of some really funny sun burn incident. Tales to be told soon…

I want to do this again and if you are looking for this type of holiday or any type of holiday in Africa I would highly recommend Alex at Extraordinary Africa.

She’ll listen to want you want and arrange the dream holiday, tailor made, just for you.


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