Snow day – Work, Baby, Dogs…No Child Care = Interesting

IMG_5657Everyone loves a snow day… I like a snow day. Repeat, day!

This week has been one of those multi snow day weeks. “Yay, it’s snowing!”

I have been stuck at home now for three days and I am completely losing my mind. The country’s shut down and once again we can’t cope with weather that is not unusual.

Okay, so the snow is bad and it’s really cold, but come on!! Why can’t we handle the weather? It isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things. Apart from this, why do people insist on travelling in snow storms? Scotland issued a “red” weather warning today saying that everyone should stay at home. So my parents went out for lunch and the M80 was completely grid locked due to people deciding driving was a good idea.


Today Jeremy Vine had a session on “should we go to work in weather like this,
should our bosses take responsibility and tell us to stay at home and should we listen if they make us come in?”.

Who cares. Use your common sense and stay at home if it is likely you’ll get stuck or crash.


So. What do you do if you’re stuck at home in a snow blizzard, have to work, walk the dogs and look after your one year old boy? Is there a right answer? I have absolutely no idea.

The wife continues with work, driving 30 minutes into the blizzard. We bought a 4×4 just for these occasions as being a Vet, not going to work really isn’t an option. I’m not very happy about this given the conditions but there’s not stopping her.

IMG_5388Our roads were so bad that I decided not to take the chance and keep my boy at home as I know here, he’s safe. I didn’t really think that one through. Work and babies is hard but not impossible. The “cage of solitude” comes in handy if your child is happy to play by themselves.

Thank God for the cage of solitude!


If this doesn’t work, let them lose. It could be tricky and yes, they will want to play with everything you have, but at least they burn so much energy that sleepy time is only just round the corner. In my case, Arch wanted to send e-mails for me and did on a few occasions try to delete some important work…

The next problem I have is, what about the dogs? I’m not worried about taking Arch out in bad weather but after trying a walk on the second day I quickly realised that it was just to cold for him. It simply didn’t work!

I was togged up in my Loop Leipik Jacket which is so warm, Sasta Lives Goretex trousers and Sasta Goretex Jacket. On the feet what else is there to wear but my Muck Boot Outposts with a nice, warm neoprene lining. Sadly, Arch doesn’t have these things, at least not yet!

20 Minutes in and we had to head for home.

It’s so tricky to get it all done but thankfully my son is epic and can play by himself happily, we have a garden that the dogs can play in so the odd day off a proper walk won’t hurt them and I still get some work done.

Who says men can’t multi task…


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