No such thing as bad weather…only bad clothes @ The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Thank god the snow’s finally starting to clear in my part of Yorkshire. It’s been four days since leaving the house and I’m finally FREE!!!

The blisteringly cold winds can claim responsibility for the endless snow drifts and me not being able to leave the house. If you’ve read through my previous post you may remember, my attempted walk did not go well.

It’s so important to wrap up in the right clothes as having insufficient clothing will only spoil your day. Check out my clothing of choice for todays winter walkies at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Read to the end to see what I wore and which brands to look at!

YSP March 2018 (2 of 62)

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is situated at Bretton Park just off the M1 at junction 38 heading north towards Leeds. In 1720 Sir William Wentworth built the Palladian mansion that forms the centre of today’s Bretton Hall. Sir William’s son, Sir Thomas Wentworth, created a lot of the parks and gardens around his father’s mansion, including having the River Dearne dammed and the lakes dug out.



There are multiple entrances. The first you come to from Junction 38 is being developed, avoid that one at the moment. Enter through the main entrance as it winds you down to the newly built YSP Learning & Cafe which is a stunning glass fronted multi-storey building looking out over the park.




This offers great food, drink, art and a nice shop containing prints, china, books and more.

The best thing for me is that you can walk in straight from the park in your wellies and there is also a seating area outside if you have you dogs with you.

In the park there is another cafe for drinks and snacks, which is perfect if you spend a bit of time on site.

YSP March 2018 (8 of 62)

I like art. I’ve been to a few galleries and studied, well actually, took part in art at school using mostly felt-tip pens (just to annoy my teachers).

Some of the Sculptures here are interesting and some of them to be honest I just don’t understand but of course I am no art scholar. There are some very spectacular sections that use film which I love, for example in the old Chapel. There is also this LED screen which changes from time to time but always gets my attention.


My favourite part though is Hiroon Mirza Deer Shelter Skyspace. Walking through a gate you look onto three stone archways that are built under the land above. Open door ways on both sides are very subtly lit from the floor offering a walkway into the shelter. What’s funny about it though is in the main room there is a square hole in the ceiling, Yorkshire’s own Pantheon. If you sit round the edge of the room on the stone shelf and it rains you can sit in dry contentment and watch a perfect shower coming through. Very cool and good for contemplation.

YSP March 2018 (21 of 62)

Apart from the Loo Trees which I simply don’t get. Old porcelain loos and dustbins stuck to a bunch of metal trees… it’s just not pretty. However, there are always new Exhibitions like the:

Zak Ové: Black and Blue: The Invisible Men and the Masque of Blackness

Quite a fun exhibition especially for slightly older children, like me…

YSP March 2018 (45 of 62)

If you’re wanting more of a walk, the park is large enough to cater for a good hour and a half trek up to Longside Gallery and back down in a loop. Check out the map to show you where to go. This a great walk and well worth it.

Careful though, it might tire you out…


The only downside is that dogs are welcome but have to be on leads. I understand completely but a bit boring. There is a sneaky track up the side of the park though it you want to let them lose. Just go to the Cascade Bridge and turn facing north. There a small gateway straight ahead of you.

YSP March 2018 (30 of 62)-Edit

We’re lucky we only live just down the road, so the YSP is a regular haunt of ours and one I recommend visiting.

Check out my clothing & footwear tip from todays trip:

loop tackle

Although Loop maybe a Fly Fishing brand supplying the finest technical equipment, they also provide Technical Outer Wear suitable for the worst of conditions. Today, one of my under layers was the Loop Leipik Liner Jacket. This Primaloft jacket keeps you very warm!


Sasta_color_1Sasta provide some of the most hardcore clothing on the market. Check out my Associates Page to learn more about this great brand. My jacket today, a one off that somehow I managed to acquire years ago, is outstanding and continues, after years of use, to keep the weather out.


1464165864-35326100Where would you be without our favourite Schoffel Oakham Gilets. I have to admit that originally when looking at a gilet for shooting I looked for anything other than the Schoffel because everyone was wearing them. First choice was Musto and it was nice, but, after a few seasons In gave in a bought myself a Schoffel Oakham. Yup, it really is that nice and so much nicer than any I have worn. It’s now a standard part of my casual and work wardrobe.


Muck Boot Logo

Wellies. I do love my Muck Boots and yes they really do the job in every condition. Ice, snow and slippery concrete were the enemies today and they Mens Arctic Outpost ruled them all. There is another alternative now from Muck Boots that is simply awesome…The Arctic Ice Grip. Check out the video’s below. These boots are perfect for anyone wanting the ultimate grip




To go with Muck Boots check out Wigwam Socks. I’m not sure why but I go through socks all the time. Not just cheap socks but expensive ones also. I have now been wearing these socks every time I go waking and they have yet to fall apart and are really warm and comfortable. Check them out.


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