Surviving Life – Year One

It’s hard to comprehend the important things in life when everyone’s days are manic and full of madness. Today is not only a wonderful day but also a sad day.

The wife and I awoke celebrating our first year being parents with Archie turning one and then I received sad news that one of my oldest friend’s wonderful mother had passed away.

It stops you in your tracks and really puts things into perspective. Make every day count, take nothing for granted and enjoy everything you have, especially family. Take a minute every now and then, look around and be grateful. Never waste one minute.


It’s unreal to think that we’ve been parents for a whole year! Following a good birth we’ve been through every emotion under the sun and come out the other side. Sleepless nights, a baby that refused to take any bottle even though we bought every one at Mothercare  and of course there were the “poonarmies!” These, I will not miss. Poo everywhere, all the time…

It’s hard, it’s really hard to go from drinking whenever, going out on a random night and just dealing with yourselves and your dogs (if you have them) to having a small life fully relying on your undivided attention.

We made the decision early on that we wouldn’t put our lives on hold and if we wanted to go away or do something, we’d do it.


I’m not sure Archie would agree with this mentality as most of his first year was spent
travelling up and down the country to watch Dad enjoy fishing and shooting. I think we had to stop for minute and asked ourselves if we were mad when taking him to the North of Scotland to fish one month after his birth… It never stopped my parents so why should we be any different?



What better way for a child to grow up than spending countless hours in the countryside? Yes it may be freezing at times, wet, windy and miserable but I have always been told that it’s “character building!”



untitled (106 of 110)

Perhaps April was a strong shout but I’ve seen pictures of me sitting on a flood prone river bank in nothing but a nappy in my early years. Like I said “character building” or just plain madness with no sense of sane parenting.

If you ask me or any of my friends if they would redo the first year, of course they would. Just to get the time back but not to change what they did. Be more adventurous if anything and don’t be so scared. Live a little and allow them to experience the world as early as you dare.



Today’s entertainment came from Radio Two where Jeremy Vine was speaking with listeners on the cleanliness (or uncleanliness) of soft play kids zones. I mean come on!! These places are a cesspit of germs from hundreds of children. It doesn’t take much to realise this. I spent 2 minutes in one the other day and vowed never to go back.

Nature’s germs in the wildness of the countryside will be where my boy gets his fevers and colds, not from snotty children in ball pools. Which is better??

We’ve had it all – Happiness



Some not so happy moments…


But… We are among some of the luckiest people in the world to have such an amazing, happy and healthy wee boy.

We survived? No, I think it’s more like he survived his hormonal, crazy, lunatic parents. Clever boy.

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