Quitting – I cannot stop eating…Help!!

Why is it that when it comes to quitting certain things, there are some we can quit and some that we just can’t get round.

Willpower has a lot to do with it and naturally not everyone has enough willpower to sustain a blanket quit on all things bad. For many of us “normal people” there are a few, usually, minor things that just seem to be too damn hard to quit.

There are, of course, different levels of addiction that I don’t comprehend and I have never been addicted to anything, well not anything nasty. I’m merely talking of the day to day items not the class A drugs or alcohol that I cannot begin to talk about as I have no experience in the matter. My level is more basic but still so frustrating.

I started smoking at the age of 15 thinking it was the coolest thing ever and I remember the moment it happened. It involved girls which is probably standard. Trying to be cool, leaning up against a tree pretending I was some Steve McQueen actor but really looking like a complete ass while choking on the smoke. I was never a full on smoker but smoked intermittently for many years.

Like most young idiot children I loved to get drunk as much as possible and the more drunk we got the more entertaining it was. This never became an addiction but more of a social game that always got out of hand. Started with Woodpecker, then vodka, wine and when we became more social, beer. Necking or snorting everything was all the rage but something I was rubbish at!


Other than those two I’ve been pretty uninteresting with the exception of smoking some stuff that wasn’t quite your “normal” cigarette…

Smoking I have almost quit completely. On the odd occasion I may have a few or do that insanely annoying thing where I buy a full packet when hitting the pubs on a night out and only smoke two. Or the opposite where I just take other peoples. Drink has never been a problem for me one one potential addiction that I could easily give up.

Where I really struggle is food.


I love food and sadly don’t dislike anything with the exception of marmalade, coffee and prunes. This is my addiction and no matter how hard I try it’s the one thing that I cannot get a handle on.

What do I do? How can I overcome this fattening addiction that seems to be too much for me to handle?

Do more exercise is one thing that is obvious but time and will power are not my friends to make this happen on a regular basis. Less food, I think, is the answer.

I stay away a lot and therefore eat out a lot. A long day in the car which seems to be every day for me results in a meal at the end of the day that, let’s just say, is probably not the healthiest.


What made it worse is that now my wee boy is eating proper food, I end up just eating more little meals finishing off what he doesn’t eat. Fish fingers, potatoes, pasta, it’s just too much for me to handle and I can’t say no!!! The boy now loves food also but he can stop eating…

Pathetic I know but a problem that many of us probably have. Willpower is the answer but any other tips?



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