Sasta Clothing – Ventile Technology, High Performance 100% Cotton – Check it out!

It’s always exciting to come across new technologies in an industry that has seen some great performance tech. By new, I mean new to me.

When I’m looking at jackets, which I do a lot given my seemingly addictive jacket purchase problem, I always look for Goretex. It’s great to come across something that I was unaware of and even better to come across this new tech in a brand that I’m very fond of.


Sasta Clothing has developed some outstanding gear using Ventile Technology.

Ventile® Fabrics was, and still is, used for Military clothing.

Ventile® fabrics for RAF clothing went into mass production in 1943 and the military association still remains today.




What I love is a good story and even better technology that means something with history behind it.

The long pedigree of Ventile Fabric goes back as far as the late 1930’s. With War looming, the British Government foresaw a shortage of flax, which was used to manufacture fire hoses and water buckets.  An alternative was required and research commenced into the use of cottons which could be woven in such a way as to keep water in, and it worked!

Ventile®, originally designed in the UK, is densely woven from 100% cotton using the world’s finest long staple fibre.

I encourage you to read more about the interesting history of Ventile.


The Sasta Taiga Jacket using Ventile Tech is one that I have been wearing over the last few days, all day, everyday.

Natural materials from our home country doing the job that I need.

What do I want from a jacket? Warmth, wind resistance, waterproofing & manouverability

This jacket has covered my needs without any shadow of a doubt. A remarkable piece of technical clothing that fits well, feels good and looks good.



Another member of the Sasta Ventile family is the Peski Anorak.

A favourite for one of the UK’s outdoor TV personalities Ray Mears.

High performance and technology disguised in the feel and comfort of 100 % cotton. The technical Peski anorak made of Ventile® is as great a companion on those back-country hikes, as it is telemarking down some remote untouched slopes.

Adjustable and protective storm hood. High performance 100 % Weatherproof cotton.


On another note, I dropped into one of Sasta’s stockists in the UK to have a look at some of the other jackets available. If you, like me, love shooting, dog walking and just generally being outdoors you have to go and try on some Sasta kit.

For me the Dalesman & Diana Sasta Jackets are absolutely stunning.

Check out Foxholes Country Pursuits





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