2018 Salmon Debut – Kit Inspection & Preparation

6 days and counting down… Excitement levels are high and preparation has begun for my first days salmon fishing in 2018. River Tay at Newtyle is my first port of call.

What preparation do you do before the beginning of the season?

loop kit (68 of 71)

In the past I have fallen foul to being unprepared –

  • Stiff Reel Seat Screws
  • Damaged lines – backing, running line, shootings heads, skagits, tips, lines
  • Trapped running line or backing

Any time of year if your fly’s in the water you have the chance to hook that fish of a life time. Before, I’ve had line trap on a running fish and the end result was not good. Since then, watching a big spring salmon disappear and snap my line, I make sure I’m ready.


Get the line winder out, take all line off your reel, give it a polish then wind it back on slowly using resistance to make sure it can’t slip down and tangle.



Running line – check for splits and kinks while going it a clean. If you find any damage my advice is to get a new one. Don’t forget that lines if used numerous times are not going to last you forever. Like anything, the more you take care of it the longer it will last.



Fly Lines – WF Line, Shooting Heads, Skagits

Vital that these remain in good condition. For me I check, stretch and clean all my lines before using again.





Unless you are a “reel” pro then I wouldn’t take them to pieces. This can be fatal as I found out a long time ago when I tried to turn a reel from let to right hand wind only to be left with all the internal parts and no way of putting it back together… oops!

All I do is take the spool out of the frame and give it a good clean. These days it’s easier just to buy a left or right hand wind reel which Loop do on all their reels.



A simple one for me. A good polish and some WD40 if needed to lose up any stuff reel seat screws.

Everyone has their own preparation and some don’t have any. My advice, is make sure you prepare and take care of your kit!

loop kit (25 of 71)








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