Sea Trout by Steffan Jones – Buy it, read it, learn it

I’ve been fly fishing from day one and have since enjoyed 34 years of fly fishing all over the world. Perhaps not in as many destinations as many, however I am hugely lucky to have fished where I have.

Today, Stef’s book arrived and I couldn’t wait to get into it. The Sea Trout has mostly come to me by luck rather than a targeted approach which is where I have failed.


The morning nap for Arch was due. Wee man down, kettle on and here we go.


Even in the first five chapters I have learn’t more about sea trout fishing and behaviour than 34 years on the water. What I love about his writing is the humility and honesty showing that no matter how many years fishing you have under your belt, it is never enough to know it all.

Salmon have always been my fish of choice and one that I have spent years chasing especially that really big one. Another tricky customer, however, after reading through some of the book I think that targeting sea trout has to be harder. Don’t get me wrong, salmon fishing is not easy and there is a lot to take into consideration but given the sea trout can be caught day and night, in my eyes, there is twice as much to learn.

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I’m now worried, the wife is worried and Archie should be worried! I’m now getting this giant urge to get fully immersed into the world of sea trout.

One thing that I have already learn’t, which Stef talks about, is the importance of reconnaissance and timing. I have attempted to catch sea trout on the Towy before with no success at all. I did spend time looking at the river during day light however not knowing the water or how to really catch sea trout, I was completely out of my depth.

So here we are. Wee man asleep, mothers day card and booze, wife still at work, tea replaced with beer – time to learn some more


Buy Stef’s book and get an in-depth look into the work of the Sea Trout.




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