To buy or not to buy?

I love puppies. Everyone loves puppies. If you don’t love puppies, you should.


Life is so unfair. The wife won’t let me have one.

Every week she’ll tell me about puppies for sale but the moment I show interest, “nope, you can’t have one!” I could say man up and do what I want but sadly, for me, I am away a lot and that would leave her looking after number three. Nope, not going to happen.

I’m sure there are a lot of households in the same situation. My family is one of those. My parents’ house has always maintained a healthy Springer Spaniel carpet. Mum walks and feeds them everyday, Dad takes them shooting every season. I’ve always wanted to know what would happen if Mum went out shooting with Dad… Who would the dogs respond to? An obvious answer should you ask Dad!

My doggy career has not been easy and unfortunately very sad. I have owned two Springer Spaniels, sisters, of which I only have one left. My poor Spice had her days cut short due to serious joint issues which sadly my current pride and joy, Kanga, also has.

Spicy aka Speedy



This is where the puppy conundrum comes in. So at the moment we have two pooches. Kanga & Maya

uig2017 (561 of 1003)

Kanga is broken to the point where any activity leaves her very sore which is heart-breaking as it means I can’t work her properly or let her have fun running around the river bank.

As a shooting man, this gives me the perfect opportunity to say ” I need another working dog!” Okay, let’s just say “hypothetically” speaking that the wife agrees. What dog would you get?


We’ve always had Springers but that ship has sailed for me given my experience thus far and I don’t think I would ever find another dog like Kanga aka Boog. I’ve always had a soft spot for Labs and this has got worse since meeting a friend’s Lab who is amazing. They’ve just had puppies as well which was tough to resist.

It’s a tough call to give up Springers as generally they are great dogs, make brilliant family pets and are super cute!


But, I kind of want to do something different.


On a days shooting down in Devon I had a momentary panic attack. Out of the wood came this black beast of a dog and I’m pretty sure my heart stopped.

A Rottweiler.

On entering the game trailer there it was. I’m not scared of Rotties but it’s different seeing one on a shoot.

When I sat down next to it he simply put his head on my knee and rested. I fell in love.

I want one!” soon followed.

I won’t tell you what response the wife gave me but it rhymed with “go!”

So where do we go from here? A Doberman was next on the list but even I wasn’t quite convinced. Doug the Doberman lives down the road from us and he is very handsome.

Tonight the wife mentioned a German short haired pointer might be an option. Hello, branching out to new breeds here. We’re making progress and you can’t tell me that they aren’t cute. I’ve been hugely lucky having shot over pointers. Watching them work is amazing and something I would love to have in my armoury.


The usually referred to “pocket rocket” Cocker Spaniel was for a while next on our list as we already have Maya. The dog that seems to run on full speed and never tires is always a bonus for an outdoor family.

Maya came from a great home in North Yorkshire, one that occasionally we drive passed. It happened just the other day. “Let’s pop in and see Jean to show her Maya all grown up.” Yup, of course she had a one left looking for a home, an amazing chocolate cocker called Bob.

Firstly I blamed the wife and secondly I spent thirty minutes trying to think of a reason why we were going to drive home without him. Of course Bob just loved me and clung to me the whole time which made it even worse. Sadly the inner reasoning in me and the wife’s thumb saw us drive home without wee Bob. Gut wrenching stuff as you can see…


What would you get and how would you get round the wife!?



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