Fishing, Friends & Family – A Yorkshire Sunday

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Never pay attention to the weather forecast.

Inevitably we did, and with trust in the forecast came a wasted morning. Gym sessions and baby soft play are definitely suited to rainy days not glorious Sunday mornings.

With great haste we packed up and headed north. A short fifty miles, a swift left turn and entry into the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire. I think the standard for Sunday is to start in a pub. What better pub to feast in than the Bull in West Tanfield, which borders the mighty river Ure, or should I say trickle, given the lack of water. Fine pub food, cold icy drinks and a beautiful beer garden with shaded tables make the perfect setting to meet friends and family. Added to this is an ice cream bar which you can find in the garden! Perfect.

The real reason for our trip was to go fishing with great friends and family. A perfect après lunch activity.

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With the river in summer condition and chances of bumping into a silver tourist slim, we decided to focus on a quaint and peaceful still water. Not really sure what to expect, I was delighted to be introduced to an idyllic lake hidden away in green countryside.

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Before heading straight into the water for a second we stood and watched an epic hatch which when looking at the water resulted in a multitude of rising fish. At this point it was all guns blazing and we hit the water.

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In situations like this I tend to take a quiet wade and see whether I can make out the hatch or as we sad fisher folk say, “match the hatch!” Being honest it took me three fly changes until I finally got my first hit, which resulted in a cracking rainbow trout of around 3lbs. Watching a fish take your fly of the surface is pure adrenaline.

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During this four hour session we caught and released a fair few beautiful rainbow trout, caught a good sun tan and enjoyed being in the stillness of the Yorkshire countryside.

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What for me is one of the most important parts of these trips is to enjoy it with your family and friends. Having the wife and my wee boy with me always makes for a better day out. If it wasn’t for my talented wife I would never have any photos. As for Arch, he is always on hand to help me choose the right fly.

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Photos by Thistle Rose Photography

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