A Countryside Childhood – Life on the water’s edge

It’s easy to imagine having children and saying “they will be feral and love the great outdoors!”

It won’t naturally happen. You have to at least give them a fighting chance to love the great outdoors and become the feral mud splattered children you hope for. The ones that choose tackle box over x-box.

tanfield trout lake (170 of 250)-Edit

We did have an easy birth which made the beginning of parent hood a lot easier than some have it. Given our circumstance we decided that staying in wasn’t an option. One month in and we packed up to head north of Inverness in April to fish for Salmon. These wee children of ours are resilient and can withstand a lot. He was a champion and didn’t take any notice of the weather or Scottish Highland craggy countryside.


This was the beginning for Arch. It set the standard for him and ever since we have been encouraging him to take a walk on the wild side. Letting him move around the river banks to find his feet and explore the water.

Perhaps we could have done it differently as trying to fish with him in a back pack is now not his idea of fun. He’d rather be crawling around in the dirt tan standing waste deep in water waiting for Dad to catch a fish. Sometimes this takes a while…

How lucky we are that he is this way.



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