Imagine the moon with epic beaches

If I had a pound for ever person that said “Scotland’s always cold and wet”, I’d be a millionaire. 

It’s marmite. Some people love it, some people hate it. Why hate it? 

The list invariably starts with midges then goes on to – cold, wet, windy, lonely, dull, barren and the fact that it takes forever to get anywhere.

To this I say “you haven’t seen Scotland!”

Having grown up in the north, I love it. A country I consider home and one that I also consider to be my favourite. There are so many reasons for this and some that I know not everyone will relate to or agree with. For those that don’t love the aspects of Scotland that are important to me, there is so much more to love. 

A recent trip to the Isle of Harris just shows why Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

It’s a long way, yes, but the drive is breathtaking. Take a sunny summer drive through Glencoe to Fort William, on your way to Skye. Just before Skye, take a glance to your left and take in the glory of Eilean Donan Castle. This 13th century masterpiece is one of the most iconic landmarks in Scotland.


Although a potentially slow drive from the Kyle to Uig ferry port, it is still a stunning road passing landmarks like the famous Sligachan Hotel bridge, which looks up towards the Cuillin mountain range.


If you are feeling really adventurous and time is on your side, take a walk up the glen for eight miles and you’ll find the coast. What a coast this is and one that will blow you away.


Much like a remote airport, the small ferry port is simple but who cares. What’s waiting for you on the route ahead is worth the wait. Drop into the cafe for a toastie and a cuppa while you wait. The staff are great and all sandwiches and food is freshly made. 

Driving onto the ferry always gets my heart rate going. I love it. This feeling of great voyage and travel gets me going, which added to the incredible views (on a clear day) makes for one hell of a journey. 

A short two hour ferry trip and you arrive into Tarbet. Drop in to the Harris Gin Distillery and sample the island gin which is very good and certainly gets you into the mood!

Imagine the moon, with epic beaches that seem to be there just for you. Welcome to Harris!

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Miles and miles of white sandy beaches that only sheep know about. Although you may come across tourists and campers on your drive round the island, they don’t seem to be in the same place as you. These beaches are so quiet and almost private giving you the ultimate privacy and peaceful escape. Maybe not for some, but, to me is heaven. 

Check out Luskentyre which is one of the best beaches in the world, let alone Scotland. 

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Check out Sgarasta. Another beautiful beach carving round the coast. 

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Take a drive north into Lewis and head to the west coast. Go to Uig Lodge and purchase some of their award winning smoked salmon and while you’re there, why not go for a walk on the miles of endless white sandy beaches. 

uig2017 (15 of 1003)

Of course this isn’t all year round. Yes in the winter, the days are short and the weather isn’t great but you’re not there in winter, it’s summer when the weather’s amazing! We know there are midges but it’s mostly windy and/or sunny and these are two things that midges can’t cope with. 

Trust me and take a chance on Scotland. It can take your breath away. 

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