Field to Fork – Should you eat what you shoot?

Hunter gatherer style is for me but is it for everyone who loves the sport?

One day into my 2018 shooting season and the question of keeping what you shoot or over-shooting has come up on numerous occasions.

Coming from a farm shoot where you might shoot a bag of forty mixed game is interesting considering even here they are questioning over-shooting. Cater for what you want to take home is the general consensus which I tend to agree with on this scale. If you have fifty ducks flying round your head for twenty minutes, do you just go for it, or do you, like on this location, say “hold on, are you going to take home what you shoot?”


There is a great deal of work going on in the industry at the moment by established and fast growing businesses like the British Game Alliance, who are promoting game across all sectors. Running its ‘British Game’ assurance scheme for participating shoots, allows members to boast ‘best practice’ whilst accessing new markets and benefiting from the continual increase in the value of game.


What is right?

Is it not right to shoot or fish if you don’t enjoy eating your quarry? Should you not shoot or fish?


I do not fall into this bracket and do in fact love eating what I shoot, however given the current wild fish situation, I chose not to kill salmon even where I am allowed. This in my view does not make me any better of a country sportsman than those who don’t eat what they kill.


Reasoning far beyond food can be used for our beloved country sports and I for one do not think it’s right to chastise people because they don’t happen to like the meat. What I would say that it is the responsibility of the person to make sure that whatever is shot goes to good use.



Game meat is being positively marketed by so many including pubs like the Three Acres who offer locally shot game throughout the season. Aldi now sells partridge following an increase in game meat sales of 8.6% in the UK last year. Game is a heathy meat option in general which adds another dimension to game meat.

Ignorance is bliss – try game! You must might like it…




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