About Us

It’s enthusiasm and passion which drives me to never give up what I wake up in the morning for. In this day and age it’s becoming increasingly hard to justify fishing, shooting and the pure enjoyment of the countryside. Everyday we are under increasing pressure by those who don’t understand and those you refuse to learn.

Fortune favours me in so many ways. Riches a plenty by way of family, friends and being surrounded by the greatest people and brands.

Why am I doing this?

My passions revolve around the countryside. What I hope to achieve to continue to support and promote fly fishing, game shooting and time in the country so that when my son and daughter grow up there might just be a countryside to enjoy.

What can I offer you?

Through my adventures I have been lucky enough to fish round the world, be involved in fly fishing and work with the greatest brands. I can offer advice on Salmon fishing techniques, casting, flies, tackle and salmon fishing locations in the UK.  As Loop say “connecting fly fishers worldwide”. This is a necessity that will keep this great sport alive and I would like to be part of it.

For the generations to come let’s keep these great sports alive and fight for the survival of our salmon.

Tight lines, happy shooting and get in touch.

Countrydad.co.uk – Join me on my adventures!