Photography Widower – She said “Just one more photo”…

She said "just one more photo"... In an attempt to show support for my wife's passion in photography, I graciously agreed to a three day stint at Badminton Horse Trials. This was payback for all the fishing and shooting that I do and she, in this moment, holds that against me! Being honest, this is … Continue reading Photography Widower – She said “Just one more photo”…

Fishing, Friends & Family – A Yorkshire Sunday

Never pay attention to the weather forecast. Inevitably we did, and with trust in the forecast came a wasted morning. Gym sessions and baby soft play are definitely suited to rainy days not glorious Sunday mornings. With great haste we packed up and headed north. A short fifty miles, a swift left turn and entry … Continue reading Fishing, Friends & Family – A Yorkshire Sunday

Surviving Life – Year One

It's hard to comprehend the important things in life when everyone's days are manic and full of madness. Today is not only a wonderful day but also a sad day. The wife and I awoke celebrating our first year being parents with Archie turning one and then I received sad news that one of my … Continue reading Surviving Life – Year One

No such thing as bad weather…only bad clothes @ The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Thank god the snow's finally starting to clear in my part of Yorkshire. It's been four days since leaving the house and I'm finally FREE!!! The blisteringly cold winds can claim responsibility for the endless snow drifts and me not being able to leave the house. If you've read through my previous post you may … Continue reading No such thing as bad weather…only bad clothes @ The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Snow day – Work, Baby, Dogs…No Child Care = Interesting

Everyone loves a snow day... I like a snow day. Repeat, day! This week has been one of those multi snow day weeks. "Yay, it's snowing!" I have been stuck at home now for three days and I am completely losing my mind. The country's shut down and once again we can't cope with weather … Continue reading Snow day – Work, Baby, Dogs…No Child Care = Interesting

River Ure Salmon Trust – Support The Revival of Yorkshire Salmon

It is with great pleasure that I can announce Country Dad's support for the River Ure Salmon Trust.  Please show your support by joining the River Ure Salmon Trust and bringing this stunning river back to life - RUST Membership For more information on tackle and fishing the Ure please contact me via E-mail Me The Ure … Continue reading River Ure Salmon Trust – Support The Revival of Yorkshire Salmon

Child Birth – Man’s Eye View

This is a tense time, no doubt! Girls, it must be insane and God only knows how you do it... fair play to you. Any bloke with kids that doesn't think his wife (at the moment of child birth) is unreal needs a good slap. We can't ever begin to appreciate what it feels like … Continue reading Child Birth – Man’s Eye View

The Fisherman’s Wife – Mrs Management

The fisherman's wife is often driven to enraged outcries of anger when it comes to the husband's unhealthy obsession with fishing. We've all been there and of course we have all taken a verbal beating from the Mrs when mentioning or even suggesting a fishing trip. Unless your other half is as obsessed as you … Continue reading The Fisherman’s Wife – Mrs Management

Parking cost me £70 in wine

Hey Rose time came a wee bit early given it's only February and Rose time is generally a summer tipple. Sadly this story isn't one of those in which I had a really good looking parking attendant and we went for a glass or twelve of wine. Not quite that exciting. I came across this … Continue reading Parking cost me £70 in wine

While Mums at work #daddydaycare

I guess every mum and dad that works 5 days a week waits for the weekend for a bit of R&R or time to take a minute and breathe.......Mums are heroes and especially my wife who works long hours 4 days a week as a Veterinary Director and has to take the wee man to … Continue reading While Mums at work #daddydaycare