Alladale Wilderness Reserve – Escape to the Highlands

The anticipation was killing me. Knowing what lay ahead was filling me with pure elation. The only thing standing in my way was a four hundred and thirty nine mile drive. An arduous journey of endless cats eyes, concrete, potholes and empty packets of Haribo. Travel sweets are usually shared but on this occasion my … Continue reading Alladale Wilderness Reserve – Escape to the Highlands

Unseen Italy – Behind the Scenes

As travel blogging is new to me, my initial thought was to write down everything that happened on a daily basis. What did we do, where did we go, what we ate etc. It became apparent that when reading through what I wrote, it was boring. I’m sure that millions of bloggers and writers have … Continue reading Unseen Italy – Behind the Scenes

Truly Inspirational – Architectural Excellence

Over the following months Countrydad will be following the amazing work of Alex and the team at Guy Holloway Architects In everyone's career, I'm sure there's point when we all analyse and question what we do. Has there been a time when you've thought " I wish I was a doctor, vet or a lawyer"? There must … Continue reading Truly Inspirational – Architectural Excellence