The Loop Story –

Loop’s long history in fly-fishing tackle development began in Åkersberga, a small town near Stockholm, Sweden in 1978. At that point in time fly-fishing throughout Scandinavia was gaining popularity. Loop Tackle Design was formed by Christer Sjöberg and Tony Karpestam, two young enthusiastic anglers with the dream of making a living from the sport. They quickly identified that much of the fly-fishing tackle available at that time was seriously lacking and could be vastly improved upon for the diverse Scandinavian river conditions. From the very beginning they realised that fly fishing was a way of life.


Soon after the company was formed, renowned casting guru Göran Andersson joined Loop. Göran originally designed our two-handed rods as well as revolutionary new fly lines adapted for his new casting technique called the “Underhand Cast.” These custom lines quickly became the standard weapon of choice for Scandinavian fly fishers. With his technical engineering background he began to dissect the physics of the fly cast to develop the component parts of equipment best suited for optimum casting performance. The result was radical new line tapers, leaders and above all, the Underhand cast.

LOOP’s signature medium and medium fast action rods represented another game changer. Incrementally increasing line head weights resulted in a more efficient energy transfer during the casting cycle. It was now necessary to also modify the rod tip action in order to balance the line and rod. Thus achieving the smoothest possible presentation of the modified lines. LOOP has continually improved upon the fly rod series as carbon fibres and resins became lighter and more durable.

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It didn’t take long for LOOP to develop a loyal following among the fly fishing community. Danielsson Innovations – a highly skilled Swedish engineering company partnered with LOOP and began to re-think the functionality of the fly fishing reel. Having become increasingly frustrated by the poor quality of fly reels available, they had an idea to revolutionise the design.

In 1984 LOOP officially launched the first large arbor reel and secured our place in fly-fishing history. There was strong initial resistance from this radical departure from tradition, yet the practicality of accelerated line retrieval gained traction. Over 30 years later and nearly all fly reels are built according to this pioneering concept. From its beginnings LOOP’s core values has been to improve tackle for fly fishers, sharing the thrill of adventure and camaraderie amongst fellow anglers. This passion has resonated in LOOP for over 30 years and continues today – it’s our DNA.