Sasta Clothing

Sasta are guided by the old Finish PHILOSOPHY OF RESPECTING NATURE, which takes many notions. It directs our sustainable thinking in DESIGN AND PRODUCTION, while it also underlines the old wisdom of Finish outdoorsman & women – equipping yourself properly when heading out INTO THE WILDERNESS




Creating the future while respecting traditions

A manufacturer of outdoor activity wear, Sasta was founded over 40 years ago. Sasta is based in one of the last wilderness areas in Northern Europe, amidst virgin forests, fells, and lakes. The vast hunting grounds of bears, wolves, and wolverines open practically from the gates of our factory. Sasta continues to operate in its town of origin, Northern Karelia’s Nurmes, where it draws strength from its roots and from the untouched nature of Eastern Finland.



Sasta is a family company, now run by a third generation of Saastamoinens. The Saastamoinen family began trading in Nurmes nearly 80 years ago. The first trader of the family was Eino Saastamoinen, a homeless boy who had faced plenty of hardships. He started working as a peddler and later was a market seller on the Porokylä market square in Nurmes. Trading was profitable, and he established a clothes shop – today also home to the Sasta factory outlet.

The Sasta brand was created in 1969 when Eino’s son, Urpo, an outdoors enthusiast, designed a frieze suit for himself. The story of Sasta clothing began when his friends from the hunting world showed interest in the suit. In 1984, Sasta became a separate company. Today, Jari Saastamoinen, Urpo’s son, is the managing director of the company and Kirsi Kärkkäinen, Urpo’s daughter, its product manager.



Sasta is known for its high-quality, practival outdoor and leisure clothing. We follow the development of new materials closely and test them in authentic use environments with our test groups.

Sasta embraces an unhurried ‘slow’ way of life. In our opinion, people should be able to travel and exercise outdoors without performance pressures and feel at one with nature. A typical user of Sasta clothing is an active outdoors enthusiast who values his or her hobby and demands high quality from all of his or her outdoor gear – someone who wants to enjoy being outdoors, whatever the weather.



Hunting classics and new innovations

For decades our product development and testing has been a communal process, where we get feedback directly from the local hunters. This relationship allows us to provide quality conscious hunters with the best, non-compromising hunting clothing that will perform in even the toughest weather conditions.


Outdoor expertise with 45 years of

Sasta’s reputation is based on a simple notion – that our products are known to be strong, while still being highly technical. We don’t count grams, but rather make products that will perform in even the harshest weather that nature can throw at you. Our expertise starts where the marked roads and easy paths end – for the conditions where you need to trust your equipment 100%.