Surviving Life – Year One

It's hard to comprehend the important things in life when everyone's days are manic and full of madness. Today is not only a wonderful day but also a sad day. The wife and I awoke celebrating our first year being parents with Archie turning one and then I received sad news that one of my … Continue reading Surviving Life – Year One

Snow day – Work, Baby, Dogs…No Child Care = Interesting

Everyone loves a snow day... I like a snow day. Repeat, day! This week has been one of those multi snow day weeks. "Yay, it's snowing!" I have been stuck at home now for three days and I am completely losing my mind. The country's shut down and once again we can't cope with weather … Continue reading Snow day – Work, Baby, Dogs…No Child Care = Interesting

Child Birth – Man’s Eye View

This is a tense time, no doubt! Girls, it must be insane and God only knows how you do it... fair play to you. Any bloke with kids that doesn't think his wife (at the moment of child birth) is unreal needs a good slap. We can't ever begin to appreciate what it feels like … Continue reading Child Birth – Man’s Eye View