You need to check these out of the Winter – New Muck Boot Artic Ice Grip Wellingtons are just the job for anything cold or slippery!


Wellies – How many is too many & when to wear what??


Having worked in the footwear industry for quite some time now, I’ve obviously collected a fair amount of wellies. Perhaps not the preferred choice of many as I am sure a set of trainers or Timberlands would probably float more boats, however, I live in wellies so good enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, if my work benefits had been Range Rovers or holidays abroad that would also have been great but I’m happy with a bucket load of wellies!

Of the hardships one may come across in life one that’s completely meaningless I encounter is, “which pair do I wear today?” A nice quandary to have maybe but still a pain none the less.


General Yorkshire walkies with the hounds and the wife on easy but slightly muddy tracks could be a number of boots. What do I think about?

  • How muddy?
  • How far are we walking?
  • What’s the surface like?
  • How cold is it?

What choices do I have?


This is way to confusing however an easier choice than one might think.

Muck Boot Wetland – Mud, wet, fields, farms, beating. This boot is my go to if I’m tackling thick mud and fields. Neoprene = warm, 100% waterproof and extremely comfortable.

Muck Boot Outpost – A very good all round boot that is extremely light weight with a god traction outsole for harder surfaces. A day like today where we went walking round a lake that had a hard surface but was muddy and wet. A great boot for general dog walking. Neoprene = warm, 100% waterproof and extremely comfortable.

Dunlop Islay – Although many of us don’t really know Dunlop fo anything except cheaper PVC wellingtons, they do have a few that are actually quite good. You won’t win a fashion show but these boots are very light & warm due to the Polyurethane material. The only problem with these boots is they are expensive for what they are. My wife who has access to any brand she wants and has Dubarry boots, always wears these!

My Hunters to be honest I only really wear if I go shooting. The new Hunter Balmoral Neoprene Full Zip are great,. These you can find for approx. £195 which is considerably cheaper that Le Chameau and Aigle with the same spec. I’m not saying these other brands are not good as they are but I like these. To be honest I haven’t worn the others so can’t comment, however, they see or boots in the UK than Hunter.

What I am alluding to is that perhaps think about what you want your boots to do for you and what conditions you’re asking them to withstand. Then and only then go and buy the right ones.

“Buy cheap, buy twice!”  – So true. Spend a bit more money and get some good wellies.

“Buy fashion for farming and they’ll fall apart!”




Wellies For Farmers – Facts On The Best For The Job


There have been many articles written about who makes the best wellingtons and which brands are the best etc etc etc. None of these articles tell the end user what to buy and what each product actually does and are really just brand sales pitches saying that they are comfortable, waterproof etc.

As someone that works in the footwear industry and spends time with brands, retailers and end users, I am in a good position to be able to help explain which brands and products are right for the job.

There are many aspects of farming and many different brands offering their product for this line of work – Dunlop, Muck Boots, Chameau, Aigle, Hunter, Gumleaf, Seeland, Seals, Grubs, Nora, Bekina, Skellerup, Barbour, Amblers Safety, Border and more. Below I am going to go through each area of the farm and which products I would recommend and why.

Let me start by say that the following brands/products are not farming boots and if used on the farm, will not pass the test and you will find yourself buying repeatedly and spending more money than you need to.

  • Le Chameau
  • Aigle
  • Hunter
  • Seeland
  • Seals
  • Barbour
  • Dubarry
  • Gumleaf

These brands do not offer products that can cope with the farm. I am aware that a lot of farmers wear Chameau, Aigle, Hunter, which is up to each individual, however, I am here to tell you that they are not for farming.

The following products are the top selling Agricultural wellingtons in Europe. For each product I have put together details, specification and a short description of why these are the products to buy.


In the yard – by price order (showing a place to purchase link)


Muck Boot Chore 2K – Chore 2K

Unisex Size Range @ RRP: £110.00 / Moss or Black

Spec: 5mm CR Flex-Foam Neoprene, Triple Toe Reinforced Rubber, Quadruple Heel Reinforced, Slip Resistant Traction Outsole, Heel Kick, Steel Shank & 100% Waterproof to the top



This boot is the top of it’s class in terms of warmth, comfort, durability & protection. Ideal boot for general farm work however most efficient for yard work, concrete and slippery surfaces.


Muck Boot Greta Max – Muck Boot Greta Max

Ladies Size Range Only @ RRP £110.00 / Navy or Purple

Spec: 5mm CR Flex-Foam Neoprene, Triple Toe Reinforced Rubber, Quadruple Heel Reinforced, Slip Resistant Traction Outsole, Ankle Support & 100% Waterproof to the top


If you would like a more refined boot that has a nicer fit this is the ladies working boot for you. Again this boot has top level technical specifications that will make it extremely comfortable, warm, durable and even looking good.



Dunlop Purofort Plus – Purofort Plus

Unisex Size Range @ RRP: £59.99 – Comes in Full Safety S5 or Non Safety (Prices vary)

Spec: Polyurethane, SRC Slip Resistant Outsole, Warm to -20, Resistant to Oils, Minerals, Fats, Bloods & Various Chemicals


The Purofort wellingtons are built for farming. This is their one purpose and one that will only be worn for i.e. you would not wear this boot to go shooting or walking the dog.

20000149png 1004


Dunlop Purofort Professional – Dunlop Purofort Professional

Unisex Size Range @ RRP: £49.99 – Comes in Full Safety S5 or Non Safety (Prices vary)

Spec: Polyurethane, SRA Slip Resistant Outsole, Warm to -20, Resistant to Oils, Minerals, Fats, Bloods & Various Chemicals

The Purofort professional has the same properties as any Purfort wellington with the exception of the SRA slip resistant outsole. This mean that the SRC Purofort Plus has a better grip on slippery surfaces. This is the best low budget technical wellington for yard work.
A442631 Dunlop Acifort Agri Full Safety Wellington
Dunlop Acifort Heavy Duty – Dunlop Acifort Heavy Duty Full Safety S5

Unisex Size Range @ RRP: £24.99 – Comes in Full Safety S5 or Non Safety (Prices Vary)

Spec: Nitrile Rubber & PVC Mix, SRA Slip Resistant Outsole, Resistant to Oils, Minerals, Fats, Bloods & Various Chemicals

The Acifort boot is more resistant to harsh chemicals and cheaper than the above products however they are not as warm or comfortable. In my opinion you are better to pay a little more to get maximum comfort.


Nora Dolomit – Nora Wellington

Mens Size Range @ RRP: £35.99

Spec: Nitrile & PVC, traction outsole (not certified), non lined for day clean


This boot does not have much technical ability however it has been a favourite in the farming community for many years. It will not keep you warm and is not comfortable however it is durable and easy to clean due to having no liner.

Made for Mud – (showing a place to purchase link)


Muck Boot Muckmaster – Muckmatster HI

Unisex Size Range @ RRP: £110.00 / Moss or Black

Spec: 5mm Neoprene, 2mm Thermal Footbed, Breathable Mesh Lining, Extended Rubber Overlay for extra protection, Lightweight EVA midsole, Durable Traction Outsole for maximum tread & 100% Waterproof


This is the Rolls Royce of wellingtons for mud & fields. The technical specification on this boots is outstanding and provides warmth, traction, durability and extreme comfort. Highly recommended for the farmer who spends most of his time in the mud.



Dunlop Thermo + Full Safety S5 – Dunlop Thermo Plus

Unisex Size Range @ RRP: £104.00

Spec: Polyurethane, SRC Slip Resistant Outsole, Warm to -50, Resistant to Oils, Minerals, Fats, Bloods & Various Chemicals


This boot has a sole resembling a tractor tyre. It is the John Deere / New Holland of wellingtons. Not only can it be used in fields with thick mud but was actually designed for farms working in milking parlours so they don’t get cold feet. I can sadly say you will never get cold feet again wearing these.


I am aware that there are a lot more wellingtons in the market that offer good technical ability at a good price, like the Bekina range however this is my list of top products.

Care Tips

Every one has had a band experience with wellingtons and some that have not lasted very long however most of this is due to improper care. If you do not rinse your wellingtons at the end of every day and get all the chemicals, blood, manure etc off your boots they are going to rot and fall apart. Some tips on how to care for your boots:

  • Rinse of with water at the end of the day
  • Do not leave your leggings over the boots over night
  • Do not leave to dry in a hot room or warm place / natural air is best

If you can simply do these things you boots will last a lot long.

Again, these are my views from experience, customer research and twelve year in the wellington industry.